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There are three parts of an essay. These three parts are introduction, body and conclusion. An introductory paragraph of an essay should be interesting and intriguing to the audience. Its reason is that if the introductory paragraph of an essay is boring, it will lose the attention and interest of the audience. As a result, they don’t provide enough attention on the remaining parts of the essay. The students should try to start their essay with the help of a hook. Here, experts of essay writing services will discuss some guidelines to write an introductory paragraph of an essay.

Guidelines for writing an intro paragraph for an essay

There are two main purposes of an introductory paragraph of an essay. First, it creates interest in the audience members for the further reading of an essay. Secondly, it provides a roadmap to the readers that what you are going to explain in your essay. Some essential tips and guidelines to write an introductory paragraph of an essay are given below;

1)  First of all, you should try to hook the readers. The students can easily hook the readers by identifying their audience members, by using some surprising elements in their essays, by tugging the heartstrings of the readers, by offering some relevant examples or anecdotes for the readers, by asking a thought-provoking question from the readers and by avoiding clichés and generalizations in an essay.

2)      Secondly, the students should try to create context. The students can easily create a context in the introductory paragraph of an essay by relating the hook to a larger topic, by providing necessary background information to the students, by defining key terms for the students and by moving from general to the specific.

3)      It is also necessary for the students to present a thesis statement in the introductory paragraph of an essay. The students can easily present a thesis statement by making their own points, by proving their point of views and by using some smooth transitions. The students should try to provide such arguments in a thesis statement that can be proved in the body of the essay.

4)      At last, the students should try to bring all of these things together. The students can easily bring these things together by reading the essays of the other writers in their discipline, by keeping the introduction short and simple and by structuring the introduction in an effective way.

An example of an intro paragraph of an essay

In order to become a lifelong crabber, it is necessary for you to show patience and great love for the river. One can easily join the rank of the crabbers just by getting enough qualifications to join the river. The only way to get success in the field of crabbing is to enter into this field after complete preparation.

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